Stone Brewing's rock ‘n' roll co-founder, Greg Koch, who was nicknamed “Beer Jesus” by the a Berlin tabloid newspaper, is taking his business to Germany on a mission to oppose the most beloved industrial beer in the world and join Europe's craft beer revolution. Will he succeed? Greg must first challenge the established beer culture in a country where brewing has been restricted by the infamous 500 year old beer Purity Law . However, in his quest to fight mass market beer, it turns out that Greg has even bigger obstacles to overcome, from struggles with bureaucracy to cultural differences and stubborn traditionalism.

Directed by Matt Sweetwood (Beerland, Forgetting Dad), The Beer Jesus from America takes us on a journey with Greg as he builds his European craft brewery from scratch in a sleepy corner of Berlin, Germany, where he faces seemingly endless challenges that threaten to end the entire project. Over four years, Matt captures the unexpected twists in a story full of blood, sweat, tears, and beers!

Whether you are an advocate of the global craft beer boom, a clueless onlooker wishing you knew more about the world of beer, or simply love a great story about that new-kid-on-the-block taking heat for being different, The Beer Jesus from America is probably something for you.

“This film isn’t only for craft beer geeks and Stone Brewing fans, but all of us who have ever had a passion for their big dream, especially the one other people have a hard time making sense of...”

— Matt Sweetwood, Director