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KCRW BERLIN — “American filmmaker Matt Sweetwood on exploring Germany through its beer culture”


“Beer is communication," said American filmmaker Matt Sweetwood, who moved to Berlin in 1995. "Beer gives the opportunity to sit down and talk and get to know people." Omnified contributor Hana Eckermann talks to the filmmaker about exploring Germany through its beer culture.

Food & Wine - "The Beer Jesus of America' Follows Stone Brewing's Journey to Make American-Style Craft Beer in Germany" 

For generations, the global beer scene has been primarily influenced by German-style beers: The vast majority of beer sales are pale lagers that can trace their roots back to this part of Europe. But as craft beer continues to go international, American-style beers are infiltrating almost every part of the world, a revolution that threatens to dethrone Germany as the de facto beer king. If that trend continues, The Beer Jesus from America could also be a documentary about one of the more pivotal moments in the history of beer—whether Koch wants to call himself a “Beer Jesus” or not.

SAN DIEGO CITY BEAT “The Beer Jesus From America: Greg Koch”

A talk with the co-founder of Stone Brewing about Berlin, beer and beyond // With a gray-streaked beard, shaggy hair and a look best described as middle-aged bohemian, Greg Koch has more than a passing resemblance to a whitewashed portrait of Jesus. While he doesn’t claim to be the savior of men (or beer, for that matter), there are definitely parallels between Koch of San Diego and Jesus of Nazareth. 

Brewbound - "Stone Brewing's Greg Koch to Star in Documentary"

Stone Brewing co-founder Greg Koch will be the subject of an upcoming feature-length documentary titled The Beer Jesus from America, which chronicles the construction and opening of the company’s Berlin brewery.